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Email support: support@wirralpathfinders.org.uk

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that Wirral Pathfinders have to announce the death of our founder member, Peter Spindler.
For thirty years, Peter was the first contact for many Pathfinders. His constant aim was to help anyone struggling with their mental health.

We owe so much to Peter. He was kind, compassionate, patient, gentle and non-judgemental.

Wirral Pathfinder's Members will remember him always with love and deep gratitude.

Group Meetings

If you are unsure whether the group is on or need help with directions please do not hesitate to call us on 07519 779052

Mayer Hall

The Village, Bebington
Wirral CH63 7PL

Tuesday Support Group 7pm - 9pm

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About Us

Wirral Pathfinders is a MENTAL HEALTH SELF-HELP SUPPORT GROUP. Our aim is to support individuals in helping themselves and to learn to cope with their mental health difficulties. At Pathfinders we support each other by providing a listening ear; decreasing isolation; sharing experiences and providing further information where possible. The Wirral Pathfinders motto of ‘We are the friends you have not yet met’ gives a hint to the friendly nature of the group and support available


Confidentiality, Trust, Support and Understanding

All of our groups strictly adhere to our main rule which is regarding CONFIDENTIALITY.

Anything that is shared within the support group environments, by our members, should not be discussed with anyone outside of the group, or even with absent group members.

This rule is for the safety of all members and helps to ensure that it is an environment which enables and encourages people to share their personal experiences and stories without fear.

All other Pathfinders guidelines are listed in your welcome booklet, can be downloaded from this website or are available upon request. What Should I Expect?

Your enquiry will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

If you do decide to come to a meeting, you will be met by a member who will have an introductory chat with you. They will also accompany you to your first group meeting, so you will not feel alone and anxious. Please remember we have all taken these first tentative steps to a group meeting, and for all of us it has been truly liberating to be amongst people who genuinely understand.

Our Self Help Group will help you to:

Remove the feelings of isolation
Find the best ways to deal with your problems
Cope better with symptoms
Teach you to breathe properly
Teach you how to relax
Provide a better quality of life
Rebuild your confidence
Regain your self-esteem
Talk about, and face your problems
Eventually enable you to support others, if you wish to do so

Pathfinders Member

Pathfinders saved my life. I really wouldn't be here without the support of the people in the group.

Pathfinders Member

When I came to Pathfinders at the age of 18, I was really struggling with things in my life, such as my personal life and health issues .... Pathfinders has helped me a lot throughout the 6 years I have been here, as members have been there to support me at times I need them, at my most down points.

Pathfinders Member

Pathfinders started me on a long road; to help and guide me; to feel I belong to something; to make me feel I am not alone. There are weeks I go [to Pathfinders] and feel my week has been horrendous, but someone can make me feel better with their comments. Pathfinders DO CARE.

Pathfinders Member

At a time when I felt like my life had completely fallen apart and I had no one to turn, Pathfinders became my family and helped to support me and lift me when I though there was no hope at all.

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Contact information and postal address for our main office


27a Allport Lane,
CH62 7HH

Call or Text:

07519 779052

If there is no one available to take your call, please leave a message as someone will call or text you back within within 24 hours

Opening times:

Office Hours
Mon - Fri 10:30 - 15:30
Office Phone: 0151 334 2111

if you are in need of support, please call us on the mobile support number as the landline number in use during our office hours and leaving a message may result in a much longer wait for a response

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