Thank you for bearing with us during our closure due to Covid-19 (Corona Virus).

Unfortunately all groups will now be closed for the forseeable future. As soon as we are able to re open again safely the website will be updated and all members will be informed

If you need to speak to someone please ring the support numbers and leave your details. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible

Rules & Reguslations For Re-opening Pathfinders
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Confidentiality, Trust, Support and Understanding

Wirral Pathfinders is a MENTAL HEALTH SELF-HELP SUPPORT GROUP. We aim to support individuals to help themselves to learn to cope with their mental health difficulties. The Pathfinders support each other by providing a listening ear; decreasing isolation; sharing experiences and providing further information where possible. The Wirral Pathfinders motto of ‘We are the friends you have not yet met’ gives a hint to the friendly nature of the group and support available.

Pathfinders started me on a long road; to help and guide me; to feel I belong to something; to make me feel I am not alone. There are weeks I go [to Pathfinders] and feel my week has been horrendous, but someone can make me feel better with their comments.
Pathfinders DO CARE.

Together we are stronger
Atrwork created by a Pathfinders Member.

The Wirral Pathfinders Support Group was founded in 1992 BY people with mental health difficulties FOR people with mental health difficulties. The four founder members were in hospital together and, once discharged, found that there was no support for them within the community. They decided that they could help and support each other through their difficult times and share experiences. It decreased their isolation and their friendships blossomed.

Pathfinders has saved my life!
A Pathfinders Member.

Charity Status

Wirral Pathfinders grew to become a Registered Charity (Charity Number: 1133183) in 2009, with the following aims:

  1. 1. To promote and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of anxiety and depression,
    and their families, through the provision of support and practical advice.
  2. 2. To advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to anxiety and depression.

A Pathfinders Member created the following piece to explain what Pathfinders has meant to her and what the group has done to help her since she joined several years ago:

The Five Steps

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