Wirral Pathfinders Provides:

Confidentiality, Trust, Support and Understanding

All of our groups strictly adhere to our main rule which is regarding CONFIDENTIALITY. Anything that is shared within the support group environments, by our members, should not be discussed with anyone outside of the group, or even with absent group members.

This rule is for the safety of all members and helps to ensure that it is an environment which enables and encourages people to share their personal experiences and stories without fear.

All other Pathfinders guidelines are listed in your welcome booklet, can be downloaded from this website or are available upon request.

What Should I Expect?

Your enquiry will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

If you do decide to come to a meeting, you will be met by a member who will have an introductory chat with you. They will also accompany you to your first group meeting, so you will not feel alone and anxious. Please remember we have all taken these first tentative steps to a group meeting, and for all of us it has been truly liberating to be amongst people who genuinely understand.

Please know that we are here to help and support you - - NEVER to judge you.

Our Self Help Group will help you to:

• Remove the feelings of isolation
• Find the best ways to deal with your problems
• Cope better with symptoms.
• Teach you to breathe properly
• Teach you how to relax
• Provide a better quality of life
• Rebuild your confidence
• Regain your self-esteem
• Talk about, and face your problems
• Eventually enable you to support others, if you wish to do so

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